The DPR RI Special Committee of Inquiry on Pelindo II gathered with KPK

On the 17th July 2017 at 14.00, the DPR RI Special Committee of Inquiry on Pelindo II gathered with KPK at Gedung KPK JL. HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta.
List of attending members of the Special Committee:
1. Rieke Diah Pitaloka (Head of the Special Committee)
2. Darmadi (Member of the Special Committee)
3. Daniel Johan (Member of the Special Comitee)

List of present directors of KPK:
1. Agus Rahardjo (Head of KPK)
2. Basaria Panjaitan (Vice Head of KPK)
3. Saut Situmorang (Vice Head of KPK)
4. Alexander Marwata (Vice Head of KPK)
5. Laode M. Syarif (Vice Head of KPK)
The purpose of the visit is to deliver the result of the investigative audit by BPK RI as demanded by the Special Committee. The requested audit includes the extension of the JICT contract and Terminal Peti Kemas Koja between Pelindo II and foreign corporations namely Hutchinson, Proyek Kalibaru, and Global Bond, with a value of Rp. 20.8 trillion.

On the 13th June of 2017, BPK RI has informed DPR RI, cq Special Committee of Inquiry on Pelindo II, regarding the result of the first stage of the investigative audit concerning the extension of the JICT contract. The first contract, in fact, expires in 2019, and if it is not extended, JICT will belong to Indonesia a hundred percent. BPK reveals a number of irregularities in the extension process that was done in 2015. Strangely enough, the contract itself is valid from 2019 until 2039. According to BPK, it is strongly indicated that a violation, which has the potential of costing the country Rp. 4.08 trillion, has occurred.

Implementing the provision of the law Article 21 Law No. 15/2004 on the Management Examination and Responsibility of the State’s Finance, DPR RI has conducted discussion in accordance to its authority. The result of the discussion of the finding by BPK RI investigation regarding the extension of the Cooperation of Management and Operation of the PT Pelindo II Port, which manifest in a joint effort with PT JICT, concludes that two elements of corruption has been fulfilled in the form of a strong allegation concerning violation of the Law and indication of the occurrence of the State’s loss worth of US $ 306 million (approximately Rp  4.08 trillion).

The DPR RI Special Committee on Pelindo II supports KPK RI to legally process the investigation in accordance with Article 8 Paragraph (3) and (4) Law No. 15/2006 on BPK RI.

As a form of accountability from the handling of the result of DPR RI Special Committee of Inquiry on Pelindo II, the legal  action conducted by KPK is in accordance with the provisions of the Law; therefore, DPR RI, in accordance with the Constitutional Authority, request the KPK to report the development of the legal process to DPR RI. Article 8 Paragraph (4) UU 15/2006 on BPK RI states that the report by BPK becomes the fundamental beginning of investigation by the authoritative institution, which, in this case, is the KPK.

During the meeting, Daniel Johan believed that KPK’s investigation will not cease only at the discovery of QCC (result calculation conducted by KPK and experts that are involved in this case, which amounts to USD 3.629.922 or around RP 47 million). “I believe that KPK is serious and able to reveal and enforce the law in other cases of Pelindo II that cost the country trillions of Rupiah.”

The Special Committee supports the goodwill of KPK to form “Special Team,” which consist of KPK, BPK, and PPATK to create a concrete and firm legal decision towards anyone that is involved in the case of Pelindo II that is detrimental to the country, which involves the procurement of goods, the extension of JICT contract, Terminal Peti Kemas Koja, Pembangunan Kali Baru and Global Bond. The Special Committee is eager to work with the KPK; therefore, it will communicate actively with the KPK to bring the intention into realization.

Jakarta, 17 July 2017

Rieke Diah Pitaloka

Head of DPR RI Special Committee of Inquiry on Pelindo II


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